TELL Collab 2017: Learning Experience

TELL Collab 2017: Learning Experience

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For developing an Open Educational Resource (OER) in the form of a lesson plan, strategy guide, demonstration video or other support resource representative of the TELL Learning Experience domain.

In addition to a digital badge, 7 CPE credits are available to individuals who complete this badge activity.

  • Steps to earn this badge:
    • Choose an indicator from the Learning Experience domain.
    • Develop an OER in the form of a lesson plan, unit outline, performance-assessment. You may use any format that you would like and that would be most helpful to your teaching situation. Save the OER to your computer.
    • Add a CC BY (Creative Commons attribution) license to your OER:
      1. Click here to download the CC BY license image to your computer:
        Creative Commons License
      2. Add the license image to your resource (e.g. in the footer, at the end of content etc.).
      3. Copy & paste the following underneath your license image:
    • Copy the link to your tool/product/OER:
      • If your OER is NOT online: Create a link with this form:
      • If your OER IS already online:
        Copy the link to your OER.
    • List your OER on the Google Doc, indicating the corresponding TELL criterion, your Google Drive link, and a short description.
    • Provide feedback on at least two resources using the indicators from the target language self-assessment in the TELL Collab program.
  • Once your submission has been reviewed and approved, you will receive a confirmation email and the badge will appear on the “Achievements” section of your profile page.

Deadline: Due by the end of Tell Collab 2017