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    Meredith White
    Spanish Teacher Gwinnett County Schools, Atlanta, GA Spanish I & II Teaching experience: 10 years
    More about me:
    (B.A. Spanish, B.S. Foreign Language Education, M.Ed. Foreign Language Education) Hi there! A fourth-generation public educator, I've taught Spanish in private, public, and charter environments in GA and TN for 10 years and LOVE my career. Interacting with students in the language and integrating authentic resources so that students can USE the language are my favorite everyday aspects -- utilizing proficiency within those have really shifted my teaching practices and mentalities for the better, thanks to the TELL Collab. 2015. Therefore, I truly can NOT wait to see everyone for a third meet-up in Austin! Meaningful, relevant professional development has become one of the aspects I treasure most in this crazy career of ours. See you all soon!