2016 Tell Collab Badges

Participants at the TELL Collab can earn digital badges before, during, and after the event. Digital badges are online representations of earned knowledge and skills and a new way to showcase professional development achievements. Learn more about badges. 

2016 Official TELL Collab Badges

Earn official badges for completing tasks to become a more effective language educator using the TELL Framework.

TELL Collab 2016: Professionalism

For reflecting on current practices based on the TELL Framework criteria, professional learning at the TELL Collab and identifying professional growth goals and plans after the event.

TELL Collab 2016: Learning Tools

For identifying a learning tool (app, authentic resource, software, etc.) and designing a meaningful application of the tool that is representative of the TELL Learning Tools criteria.

TELL Collab 2016: Planning

For developing a plan (lesson plan, unit outline, performance-assessment) that is representative of the TELL Planning criteria.

2016 Peer-to-Peer Badges

Nominate other participants for peer-to-peer badges to recognize their achievements during the 2016 TELL Collab.

Contributor 2016

Recognizes a participant who shares ideas, experiences, and/or resources during the TELL Collab.

Challenger 2016

Recognizes a participant who asks questions and confronts the status quo during the TELL Collab.

Innovator 2016

Recognizes a participant who designs something new during the TELL Collab.

Motivator 2016

Recognizes a participant who provides encouragement to others and/or promotes effective practices at TELL Collab.

Networker 2016

Recognizes a participant who makes connections and starts discussions in person and/or on social media during the TELL Collab.